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 PaintWIZ® is a division of privately held Canadian corporation Fuji industrial Spray Equipment Ltd. (Fuji Spray®)

Fuji Spray specializes in the design, manufacture, export and distribution of high quality HVLP spray equipment.

Presently our products are offered mostly to the industrial and commercial user.

After receiving numerous requests for many years, our company decided to listen to our customers.  With their support and commitment we launched the brand PaintWIZ® in 2015.

The PaintWIZ® brand is committed to offering quality equipment to meet the needs of the home user, hobbyist and enthusiastic DIYer.

PaintWIZ® works very closely with our partners in manufacturing based mostly in Asia.  We have an integral part in design of our products.  Our engineers on the ground ensure quality control of each item before it is ready for shipment.

Our PaintWIZ® products are approved and certified by ETL.

Our commitment to service is second to none.  Why not try us and see for yourself.