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Can I spray indoor with my PaintWIZ® Sprayer?

Yes! The Sprayer is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Be sure to always use it in a well ventilated area. The PaintWIZ® is highly effective with very little overspray. It is always recommended that you mask off the immediate area.

Which Coatings can be used with the PaintWIZ® MAX Sprayer?

Your PaintWIZ® MAX Sprayer is capable of spraying most material provided that you thin them appropriately. For more coverage use the standard 2.6mm nozzle set. For Fine Finishing use the 1.8mm nozzle set accessory included with the system. It is always recommended to follow the viscosity guide inside your manual.

I am not getting a consistent or strong spray with my system…HELP?

Ask yourself the following…

  1. Have I thinned my material appropriately?
  2. Have I strained my material to ensure there are no lumps or impurities?
  3. Have I overfilled my cup causing the air inlet to be clogged? (You should never fill your cup all the way to the top)
  4. Have I cleaned my turbine filter?
  5. Am I using the correct nozzle set for the material I am spraying?

Should you continue to have issues please call our customer service toll free number at 1-800-650-0930.

Do I need to thin latex and acrylic paint?

Latex and acrylic paint differ depending on the brand resulting in different viscosities (thickness). A good starting point is to thin about 20% with water and if needed you can add more but do not exceed 30%.
Remember “Always Measure Never Guess” when thinning your paint and be sure to mix it well. Consider a more powerful system such as the PaintWIZ® MAX Sprayer if you intend to spray with latex often.

Which liquids can I use to thin my paint?

If Solvent Based use mineral spirits such as lacquer thinner.

If Water Based use water.

Where can I buy additional cups and accessories?

What extras are included with my purchase?

Whether you purchased the Handheld PRO Sprayer or the Turbine MAX Sprayer, the following items are included with each sprayer.

  • Sprayer assembled with 2.6mm Nozzle and 800ml cup
  • Extra 1.3L Cup
  • Extra 1.8mm Nozzle
  • Viscosity Cup
  • 3 Mesh Strainers
  • Cleaning brush
  • User Manual
  •  20ft hose and shoulder strap included with the PaintWIZ® MAX Sprayer

Where can I find another copy of my PaintWIZ® Sprayer Manual

You can download and print a new copy here….

For the PW25000 MAX Paint Sprayer please click here.

For the PW25150 Paint Sprayer PRO please click here